About Us

The Big Blue Bear:

Yes, the big blue bear (Herbie) is our official logo and he represents our company "Herbie Hoo".  Why a big blue bear?  Well ... because if you saw a big blue bear in the woods during a leisurely hike, you would stop, stare, and (invariably) be incredibly amazed.  At least before you crapped your pants and start running away in hysterics.  Yes, this is the reaction we strive for when people see our designs on our website and in public.  Make sense? No ... we didn't think so.  But a big blue bear is still our mascot regardless.   

Our Designers:  

Herbie Hoo Apparel is run and operated by three collaborative designers from Philadelphia, PA, (Mark Russo) Washington D.C., (Chad Fuentes) and Frederick, Maryland (Scott McGinnis) near Gettysburg, PA.  And yes, as you can imagine, we give each other hell during football season here in the United States.  Yep, we hate you Mark ... and your Philadelphia Eagles!  Congrats by the way. 

Our Motto:  

Our motto at Herbie Hoo is "Wear it cuz you live it."  That means we specifically design apparel that speaks to your passions, causes, and interests.  We want you to find something in our shop that speaks to your soul and tells the world who you are and where you're going.  

Our Goal:  

At Herbie Hoo, our goal is to create viral, clever, apparel that starts micro-movements and mega-trends, while reaching valuable customers and friends internationally. On occasion, we will throw our full weight and support behind causes that we deem important and worth a percentage of our earnings from sales of specific apparel items.  You will see these campaigns advertised on our page and on our associated social media sites accordingly.  Stay tuned!

Our Promise:

Our promise is to never create or endorse apparel that is hateful, racist, discriminatory, or deregulatory to any ethnic, gender, or religious group.  (Well, at least on purpose).  Trust us ... we're far from perfect.  


- The Herbie Hoo Team